2018 Especialista en Ortodoncia, Orthodontist (la especilizacion de 3 años) sin o con experiencia

Location: España, Madrid, Paises Bajos,, Spain
Date Posted: 13-05-2015
Especializado en Orthodoncia
Trabajaren Holanda y Dental Clinics tienen una oferta para ti
¿Tienes un master de tres (3) años en Orthodoncia y te interesaría ir a trabajar en el exterior? Es la oportunidad a que estabas esperando!

Seleccionamos Dentistas con master en Orthodoncia
La oferta incluye clases de Neerlandés intensivos, serán en España y duran 5/6 meses e un mes de preparación de examen en Holanda meses hasta nivel B2 plus y se iniciara en este verano. (en Madrid)

Nuestros clientes tienen centros regionales de Orthodoncia en todo Holanda. Formas parte del equipo de especialistas de la clínica.
Pre contrato laboral firmado antes a iniciar el curso de Neerlandés
La oferta, “The job offer”: 

  • Master de 3 años en Orthodontics
  • Good level of English;
  • Willing to follow an intensive Dutch language Course to B2 level in 21 weeks in Spain. Starting summer 2018.
We are looking for dentists that:
  • Put the patient first; and love to further develop their knowledge
  • Are care orientated, team workers but also responsible independent persons;
  • Are open to feedback and have a good sense of self reflection and modesty;
  • Are flexible in location and working hours.
The offer:
  • The preparation on dentistry in Holland will be paid by your employer;
  • The language training, the additional preparation for the language tests and all the dentistry related seminars and preparation are for our account
    • For the first part of the language training the A2 phase, you will receive 2000 euros support from EURES, the European employment organisation, you will pay us the 2000 euros and you will receive 1000 from EURES in three weeks after starting the course and the other 1000 after passing your A2 exam;
    • The B2 phase of the language training, the additional preparation for the language tests and all the dentistry related seminars and preparation are fo your account (2000 euros, we will reimburse 1000 euros after passing the final exam);
  • A fixed contract and salary for the first period (12-18 month’s) thereafter an indefinite contract; Depending on your experience your salary ranges from 150.000€ to 200.000€
  • A pleasant working environment in a young and dynamic team;
  • Good on the job support by senior Orthodontists;
  • Modern working locations, labs and equipment;
  • Support with your registration in the national registers;
  • Support with your relocation to the Netherlands and during your probation period;
  • Possibilities for personal and professional development.
  • The initial labor contract will be for 3 years the pre contract will be signed “before” you start with the Dutch language training
Selection process:
Primavera 2018
1. Present your CV, in English;
2. Include a photo and a copy of your passport and diploma;
3.  We will call you for a skype interview and send you three documents to fill in;
4.  A first Skype interview by Dental Clinics may be followed by a visit for further interviews and tests in the Netherlands;
5.  Dutch lessons will start summer and the duration will be 24 weeks (for the Dutch lessons a payment will be required as commitment); The program has several tests and exams in A1, A2 and B1 level and a final exam by an external authority at B2 plus level;
8.  When you have passed the final exams required for  exams you will start work in the Netherlands in January or February 2019

 Content of Training and Coaching:
1.  600 hours of Dutch lessons plus homework
2.  Part of the preparation in Spain will be a number of seminars in Spain by well-known Dutch Dentists informing you about specific items in Dutch Dentistry and differences between the profession in Spain and Holland
3.  In Holland you will have bi-weekly coaching sessions
Excellent salary conditions:
1. You will start working for the first year on a fixed contact and receive a annual salary of
    minimum 150.000,00€ (before tax) and depending on your experience could reach 200.000€ per year.. With your master you qualify for a 30% tax deduction. 

Please send you Cv in English to:  henk@trabajarenholanda.es
No cost, no debt

On receiving the confirmation of the EURES Subsidy PAGAS RECIBES  
Payment to WFY Trabajar en Holanda € 2.000,00    
after 3 weeks   -1000  
when you pass A2   -1000  
Before starting B1-B2 phase after receiving the final EURES payment      
you pay € 2.000,00    
When you pass the exam in Holland   -2000  
      € 0,00
Additional cost and subsidies      
Inscribe in the national register € 90,00    
EURES subsidie for interviews in Holland € 500,00 -500  
if necesary EURES second interview, practicas € 500,00 -500  
exam Holland (max. 3x) € 0,00    
removal subsidy by EURES   -1000  
You receive more than you pay   -910

Web: www.spaansemedewerkers.nl www.trabajarenholanda.es careers
email: info@spaansemedewerkers.nl ;info@trabajarenholanda.es
tel: 0031639836883 ; 0034652421651 ; Skype: henkvansoest

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